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I'm all about learning through play, diving into good reads, and getting hands-on with building. When I tackle a new challenge, I aim to stay thoughtful, and open-minded, and take full responsibility for
figuring it out.

I've been working with React since I made my first website almost ten years ago. I still love it, and I haven't found anything that can make me work as fast as it can. For styling, I’m usually using Tailwind.

I take pride in working fast with a high level of detail. I believe speed is one of the cornerstones of creating great software. You have to be fast, if you want to have time to collaborate with design and other engineers, do more iterations, and dare to do things differently.

When I'm not hunched over my laptop, I hunt after Unknown Pleasures in Stockholms vinyl shops. Rooting for Änglarna in Allsvenskan and McLaren in Formula One.